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5-11 Campaign Wraps Operations
General Statement of Release 5-18-2013
“The amount of money needed just to contend in today’s pay-to-play Capitol politics, is a wall to citizens who pay into that system. The taxes aren’t enough to represent our legal interests. Yet people go to jail based on an unproven law or a policy of force to extort citizens for those taxes.
While it doesn’t seem right to deny people public service, it’s not ethical to be a cause slave, either. 5-11’s mistake, if there was one, was not developing a business plan that worked in perpetuity.  We do not have what it takes to pay for our politicians.

If there’s going to be a national repeal of Real ID law, it is going to need a really well sustained financial vanguard to both equip Democratic interests with a spine and “unify” double-sided conservative politics. Otherwise, this gets recycled back to States who are going to have to maintain stronger boundaries with a federal government who increasingly jockeys piles of unconstitutional law. That is what Real ID, and all recent dataveillance initatives, reduces down to coming out of Washington. 

States have the legal power to declare national ID systems a detriment to natural or human rights. Perhaps they could martial a repeal as a coaltion of interested State Governments. That level of effort, however, is above my pay grade.”

-- Sheila Dean, 5-11 spokesperson

Communications efforts downshifted this Spring to 20% operation. Existing 5-11 Campaign brand presence online will be taken down into the Summer.
BeatTheChip.org and corresponding social networking accounts are also expected to lay fallow, with minimal original content added after approximately mid-May. Automated feeds will still be available to the public at the sites. 
All questions can be addressed to: contact@beatthechip.org